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Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance

Application Information

Interested in applying for the MSc UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance?

Interested candidates will have to submit their application for this special joined Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance through the online application program on this program website.

Please be aware that there is a pre-selection for this master and you cannot directly submit your application via the UZH online application portal!

  • The Steering Committee takes a first decision on provisional admission, or rejection, of the candidate.
  • Admission is very competitive and there is no entitlement for admission.
  • Candidates enrolled in a different Master's program at UZH or ETH cannot transfer without restrictions to the MSc UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance. They have to apply under the same admission guidelines and deadlines.
  • Special note for candidates enrolled in a different Master's program at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics: all failed attempts at Master's modules from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics will count even after a successful transfer to the MSc UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance. Credits earned up to that date can be transferred to the areas indicated in the course catalogue for each module.

Two Consecutive Application Phases

The application and selection process for the candidates takes place in two consecutive phases:

Phase 1

Pre-selection for admission into the program

Phase 2

Application for Admission at UZH

only for in phase 1 admitted candidates

The scientific phase (1) in which the Steering Committee of the program checks the required scientific prerequisites for the program and selects the best candidates. A later administrative phase (2) in which the Admission Office of the University of Zurich checks the formalities (for example existence of a Bachelor degree from a recognized university, English requirement etc.).

Application on program website

application on UZH application portal
15 November until 15 January March and April. Deadline for UZH application portal 30 April!

Costs of Application

Application fee - scientific phase (1)

Application fee - administrative phase (2) 

only for candidates accepted in phase 1

CHF 200.-

For the administrative costs of the selection process for the specialized Master of Science UZH ETH.

CHF 100.-

For the administrative costs of the Admission office of UZH upon submission of the application to UZH in case of provisional admission by the Steering Committee of MSc QF UZH ETH and further application to the Admission office.

The application fee cannot be waived and will not be refunded. The application fee will not be refunded. 
  • No additional costs for GMAT/GRE, as they are not compulsory.

Semester Fees and Scholarships

The tuition fee for the program per semester (half year) is  CHF 780 plus a supplementary charge of CHF 100 for international students. The Master is designed for 3 semesters. The total cost however depends on the duration of each student's studies.

Fees and Contributions per Semester


We do not offer any scholarships to cover your studies and living expenses in Zurich. Please also note that a quantitative finance student UZH ETH will not be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme / Master Scholarship Programme of ETH

However, depending where you come from, there are several organizations which offer scholarships, for example the Swiss Government, the Institute of International Education, the Fulbright Program, the German DAAD and so on. Please ask your foreign student adviser and search the internet.

Selection Process and Timeline

In February (year of the study start), the Steering Committee will review all the applications.

In early March each applicant will be informed about the outcome of her/his application via email.

There are three possible outcomes:

Timeline 1. Directly Accepted 2. Interview Required 3. Not Accepted
Phase 1      
Early March Based on an exceptional dossier the candidate is accepted to join the program without any further examinations and interviews. For candidates who were neither directly accepted nor directly rejected, an interview will be required. He/she is asked to prove his/her prerequisite knowledge in finance and mathematics. Follow this link to see the required background material. No further information will be given about the reasons leading to the final decision. There is however a right to appeal against the decision.
Mid March  - End of March  

Interviews will  be conducted via Zoom.

The candidates will be informed about the outcome via email at the end of March.

Phase 2    
Early April Accepted applicants will receive details from the Admission Office of the University of Zurich regarding the official enrollment and about the existing deadlines to secure their place of study. Authorized copies of the documents (diploma, grades, certificate of knowledge of the English language) need to be submitted.

I was not admitted, why?

Many applicants, most of whom are well qualified, would like to get an explanation why they were not admitted.

With the ultimate aim of welcoming excellent candidates, the selection procedure is carefully designed to offer a fair and balanced judgement of each candidate. The selection is based on initially independent opinions of the Members of the Selection Committee, followed by opinions of Alumni of the program and a final meeting where all intermediate feedbacks are aggregated and the decision is taken.

Our policy is not to get back and review applications again. We do not justify the denial nor will we offer advice on improving a future application. In many cases the only answer is that we only offer admission to the best qualified applicants given the desired size of our program. We intentionally keep the program small and selective.

You however have the right to appeal against the Selection Committee's decision.

Weiterführende Informationen


The application period for a start in fall 2024 is CLOSED. The deadline was 15 January 2024 (23:59 CET). No applications will be accepted after the deadline!

Applications for a start in fall 2025 will be open again mid November 2024.

International Students