Administrative Steps

We encourage you to plan the completion of your degree in advance, taking into consideration the published degree deadlines.

Please be aware that your Master's thesis has to be handed in 2 months before the degree conferral date. To register for graduation however you do not have to wait for your Master's thesis grade.

The following steps have to be followed for your Master's thesis:

Step 1 - Topic and Supervisor

Think on a quantitative finance-related topic you are interested in and on a supervisor. Make sure that you are already familiar with the subject area through lectures, seminars or your own reading. 

Speak to the potential supervisor and ask him/her if he/she accepts the guidance. Chairs have the option to reject the supervising of the thesis.

In case of several rejections please contact the Program Director.

Once the student and supervisor have agreed, the supervisor will send the project definition to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics of the University of Zurich, subsequently called "Dean's Office". It usually takes 2-3 working days for the project definition to arrive and to be available at the Dean's Office.

The written project definition is issued exclusively by the Dean's Office.

Step 2 - Formalities

You will have to register at the Dean's Office before starting the work on your thesis. Kindly show up in person to pick up the envelope with the thesis title issued by the supervising professor.

Bring the following documents:

  • Proof of matriculation (Student ID).
  • Proof of admission to the Master's program (Admission letter).
  • Completed registration form.
  • Any requests for recognition of external courses.
  • Proof of successfully completed additional requirements, if applicable.
  • Written permission of the program director in case of writing the thesis in a related field.

Step 3 - Submission of the Thesis

The Master's thesis has to be finished within 6 months, no later than the communicated submission deadline! The period of completion starts on the day you collect your Master's thesis project at the Dean's Office (see date on the registration form under "To be completed by the Dean’s Office: Thesis submitted on: ").

Two bound copies of the thesis must be submitted. Please check with your supervisor if she/he wants additional copies (PDF or printed).

The Master's thesis has to be handed in either

  • in person at the Dean's Office; or
  • sent to the Dean's Office by registered mail. In this case the date of the postmark is considered the submission date.

The Master's thesis cannot be put into the mailbox in front of the Dean's Office. Theses submitted late are considered to have been failed.

If a student becomes partially or entirely unable to work after starting his/her Master's thesis, or if other reasons beyond the student's control prevent him/her from submitting the thesis on time, the student has to submit a written petition to the Dean's Office before the deadline. The examination delegate (= Program Director) will then decide

  • whether to extend the deadline - an extension up to two weeks is possible (with doctor's attestation); or
  • cancel the thesis. Master's theses canceled with approval are considered not to have been started. 

In case of a failed thesis you have one possibility to do it again.

Step 4 - Oral Presentation

You will have to make a 30 minutes presentation of your thesis within 4 weeks after the submission of the Master's thesis.

The Managing Assistant of the program will help you to organize it. Please proceed as follows:

  • First arrange a date and time for the presentation with your supervisor.
  • Inform the Managing Assistant of the program (msfinance[at] at least two weeks prior about the exact date and time and send her
  • a PDF of the Master's thesis; and
  • a PDF of the abstract of the thesis.
  • The Managing Assistant will organize a room at UZH or ETH and make the public announcement (by e-mail and on

After the presentation the supervisor will communicate the final grade in written form.

Step 5 - Graduation

Once you have all the ECTS credit points required for the program you can apply for the final degree. All the information related to the graduation process can be found under graduation.