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Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance

Accommodation & Expenses


Swiss universities usually do not have on-campus housing. Students organize themselves in flat-sharing communities ("WG", short for "Wohngemeinschaft"), with three or four flatmates renting a flat together and sharing the rent.

For new incoming foreign students with no acquaintances in Zurich, it can be difficult to find a flat to share. If you cannot arrange housing from your home country, you should arrive one or two weeks before the semester begins to try and find a room.

Accommodation offers can also be found on the various notice boards in the university buildings and institutes.

Useful links for students looking for accommodation are:

Living Expenses in Zurich

Living Expenses

Living expenses depend very much on the individual student. The cost of living in Zurich is very high.  You should count around 2000 - 2200 CHF per month. To help you draw up a personal budget these links could be helpful:

Finances and Insurances Life at UZH

ETH Cost of Living

Semester Fees

Semester fees come to CHF 720 per semester (plus an additional CHF 100 per semester for foreign students who do not have their domicile in Switzerland or Liechtenstein). There are some compulsory contributions which amount to 59 per semester.

Semester Fees & Contributions


Please note that we do not offer any scholarships which cover your living expenses in Zurich and that a quantitative finance student UZH ETH will not be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme / Master Scholarhip Programme of ETH.