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Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance

Online Application

Applications Steps - Scientific Phase (1)

Preliminary Information

  • We will only accept online applications.
  • The full application has to be in English.
  • The application will only be processed if the application fee of CHF 200.- is paid (credit card payment).
  • The application fee will not be refunded.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • We will not have any correspondence about the receipt of the application fee with any candidate.  However, if  we have received your application, but no payment, then we will contact you about the irregularity. As long as you are not contacted, we have received the amount due.
  • We will neither add documents sent to us after submission of your online application, nor replace documents in your online application - even if is within the deadline. Thus, send your application only when it is fully complete. The only exceptions of later submissions are the recommendation letters, which will be uploaded directly by your referees.
  • The certificates  can be in English, German or French. If the certificates are in another language, please include an official translation and explain the grading system.
  • GMAT and GRE are both optional. In case you want to add GMAT or GRE results please upload them in the voluntary documents. We do not have a GMAT/GRE code for the program.
  • Please only upload abstracts/summaries of papers in the voluntary documents, no full papers. In your abstract you can indicate a link to the whole paper.
  • Please make sure that the security level of ALL PDFs ALLOW CONSOLIDATION, have NO password security or are NOT a certified document. Otherwise your application documents cannot be consolidated into 1 file and these secured documents cannot be taken into account!! Put special attention in this regard to your diplomas, official transcripts or GMAT/GRE-test reports.

Step 1. Make sure two individuals are ready to support your application by providing a letter of recommendation

Two letters of recommendation  are required. They should

  • be in English
  • be written by lecturers, former or current employers. Not accepted are recommendation letters written by fellow students, friends, family members etc.!
  • be signed and written using preferably an official letterhead showing the affiliation of the writer
  • address the following points: the overall appreciation of the candidate, motivation, maturity and judgement, analytical ability, initiative and creativity, ability for research, oral and writing skills.

If your referee does not upload the recommendation letter within 2 weeks, he/she will get a reminder. At the same time you will also get an email informing you. In that case please contact your referee to check. The deadline for the recommendation letters is 31 January 2024.

Please understand that we cannot inform you about the arrival of the recommendation letters.

Step 2. Prepare your application documents

Please note that  you have to enter your data and upload the documents into the application program at once. You will not be able to save a part of it, look at the status of your application or add documents later after having submitted your data.

All documents and information listed below are mandatory and need to be uploaded via the application program in a pdf format. 

Please make sure that all pdf documents allow consolidation (no password security, no certified document!). Be especially cautious with diploma, official transcripts, GRE/GMAT, which are often certified or ask for a password.

All your documents will be consolidated into one file for the evaluation of your application by the Steering Committee in February.

Please upload:

A letter of motivation named "SurnameGivenname_LetterMotiv.pdf". Content of the letter analogous to a job application letter: why you want to do this master (interests, career path), why you qualify for it (strengths). Maximum 1 page, font size 11!

A curriculum vitae named "SurnameGivenname_CV.pdf". We ask you to use our standardized curriculum vitae form (DOCX, 23 KB), fill it out and save it as a pdf. Maximum 2 pages, font size 11!

A summary of courses named "SurnameGivenname_SummaryCourses.pdf". Please only use our standardized summary of courses form (DOCX, 32 KB), fill it out and save it as a pdf.

Copies of your academic degree(s). If you expect to receive your Bachelor degree after the deadline, but before 30 September 2024, please state this explicitely in your application.

  • "SurnameGivenname_Bachelor.pdf" (for your Bachelor degree); or
  • "SurnameGivenname_Master.pdf" (for your Master degree); or
  • "SurnameGivenname_PhD.pdf" (for your PhD degree).

Copies of your official grades on Bachelor and/or Master level. If you expect to receive your Bachelor degree after the deadline, but before 30 September 2024, a copy of your up-to-now-grades.

  • "SurnameGivenname_GradesBachelor_temp.pdf" (up-to-now-grades in the Bachelor study);  or
  • "SurnameGivenname_GradesBachelor.pdf" (grades in the Bachelor study); or
  • "SurnameGivenname_GradesMaster.pdf" (your grades in the Master study).

Two recommendation letters in pdf format. In the application form you will be asked to enter the two contacts of the person who will write the recommendation for you. They will get an automatic mail and link to upload their recommendation letter. Please make sure that the email addresses are correct and the recommenders have accepted to do this for you, before you apply.

On a voluntary basis, you can submit up to three additional documents to support your application. Examples: GRE or GMAT test (Attention: make sure the pdf is without password security, otherwise it will not be taken into account in your application!!), letters from previous employers, abstracts of papers/theses.

Do not send your English certificate here, it will be due only in the administrative phase 2 with the UZH Admission office (at the earliest in April, at the latest in early September).

Should you have any problems uploading a pdf document please try the following:

  • Try to update your browser or use a different browser.
  • If only a specific pdf cannot be uploaded, we recommend compressing the pdf file (without having to change its size) with a program like pdf24.

Step 3. Apply formally and pay the application fee (credit card payment)

The application period for the program starting in September 2024 will be open again on 1 November 2023 until 15 January 2024! No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

The application program is structured in 4 parts:

  • Personal data 
  • Upload of documents
  • Check of the completed application, followed by submission of your application data to UZH
  • Payment by credit card or TWINT. Please have your credit card ready. (Mastercard, Visa or Postfinance)

If you do not have a credit card or a PostFinance card: instead of a normal credit card you can use a prepaid card to pay the application fee online and submit your application. Youth banking packages and student bank accounts usually offer the possibility of getting a prepaid card. These cards are either free or very cheap.

For any further information related to the application process, Step 1 to Step 3 (phase 1), please contact msfinance[at]

Online Application

The online application program is now offline.

The application period for the start in September 2024 will be open again on 1 November 2023 until  15 January 2024(23:59 CET)! No application will be accepted after this deadline!

Online Application (offline!)

Applications Step - Administrative Phase (2)

Only for candidates accepted in phase 1.

Step 4. Submission of authorized copies to the Admissions Office.

The Admissions Office of the University of Zurich will contact you, after you have been accepted provisionally by the Steering Committee, and inform you via e-mail about how to apply for admission. In this phase, the English certificate will be asked for.
For any information related to the application process Step 4 (phase 2), please contact

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Contact Scientific Phase (1)

Contact Administrative Phase (2)

Only for candidates accepted by the Steering Committee in phase 1.

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