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Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance

Register for Courses & Exams

Register for Courses

You have to register online and within the registration deadline for all courses - which you would like to earn credits for at UZH and ETH.

Booking Tool UZH Module Booking Tool ETH myStudies Booking Tool
Login with your UZH-Login with your ETH-Login *
Registration for course

Book your UZH courses - so called modules - here. Be aware that with the booking of a module you are automatically registered also for the exam.

Login UZH Module booking

Book your ETH courses - so called course units - here. You are only registered for the course! Exams have to be booked separately!  Exception: semester performance **

Login ETH Registration of course

Cancellation of course Drop/Cancel the module in the booking tool until the end of UZH module booking period! Cancel the course until the end of ETH registration period!
Deadlines UZH module booking deadlines ETH course booking deadlines
Attention If you realise that you do not want to do the exam of the booked module, cancel/drop the module within the module booking deadline! If you want to do the exam of a course, you have to actively book the exam separately! But you can also book an ETH module without doing an exam.

* You will receive your access data for ETH (ETH-Login and ETH email) on your UZH-email from the Academic Services (Kanzlei) of ETH.

** Exception: if the booked course unit implies a semester performance during the semester, this means that if you do not attend this booked course and do not do the semester performance the course will be failed.


Register for Exams

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Exam Session The exam sessions at UZH are generally at the end of each semester.

ETH has different types of exams: End-of-semester-examinations at the end of each semester, session examinations in the second half of the semester breaks and semester performances during the semester.

Examination Scheduling ETH


for Exam

No separate registration!

Having booked the module you are automatically registered for the exam.

You have to actively register for the exam separately! Except for semester performances, there you are automatically registered with the booking of the module.

To be able to register to an exam, you have to be registered in the course.


of exam

In order to deregister from an exam you have to cancel the module booking within the module booking period! A deregistration from the exam is NOT possible once the module booking period is closed.

Deregistration of exams via myStudies are possible later in the semester, but only until the deregistration deadline!

Information - withdrawal from exams



The cancellation deadline for

an exam is the same as the module booking deadline!

Be aware that this is early in the semester!

Registration period for session and end-of-semester examinations are in 3rd and 4th week of each semester.

Examination registration and withdrawal deadlines


Be aware that if you do not attend the exam of a booked module, it will count as a failed attempt!

Do not forget to actively register for exams to earn your credits!