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This page contains information on the first employer of the students of the Master of Advanced Studies UZH ETH in Finance after graduation.

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Graduation Year 2010

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Reto Baumgartner Fisch Asset Management Quantitative Finance
Janez Bernik University of Ljubljana Lecturer
Antoine Beuchat UBS Quantitative Risk Specialist
Faris Cassim UBS Investment Banking Analyst
Vadim Dolgov ZKB Prime Finance Trader
Ruxandra Farkas Allianz-Suisse Actuary
Anastasia Filimon Deloitte & Touche Trainee
Claudio Fontana University of Padova PhD Student
Rahul Kaushik ETH Zurich Researcher
Florence Edelmann-Landmann Credit Suisse Quantitative Analyst (Risk Methodology)
Lu Lin Fintegral Consulting Quantitative Risk Consultant
Enrique Loubet Swiss Re Researcher
David Lüthi Clariden Leu Quantitative Analyst
Vinicio Marsiaj Highgate Wealth Management AG CEO and Owner
Aryan Nikeghbali AXA Winterthur Risk Manager
Olivier Panchaud Fintegral Consulting Junior Consultant
Tobias Reuber n.a. n.a.
Kai Schönle EGL Trading Quantitative Analyst
Peter Scot n.a. n.a.
Inna Shkodrova n.a. n.a.
Barry Thornton EGL Trading Quantitative Analyst
Marco Tinnirello AlphaStream Capital Management Quantitative Investment Manager
Claudio Topatigh ZKB Head Sales Equity Derivatives & Structured Products
Bruno Troja University of Zurich PhD Student
Olga Voznyuk UBS Risk Modeling and Analysis Specialist


Graduation Year 2009

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Andreas Andersson ZKB Financial Engineer
Marjan Beheshty PartnerRe Pricing Actuary
Christian Böhringer Swiss Life Department of IT for Finance
Xin Dong ETH Zurich Master in Applied Mathematics
Denis Erilov IMC Financial Markets Research Analyst
Eleonora Esterlein n.a. n.a.
Biao Guo Man Investments Quantitative Researcher
Elena Gutiérrez Vidal n.a. n.a.
Sigrid Källblad Norges Bank Investment Management Analyst
Ilya Kolpakov Swiss Finance Institute PhD Student
Lisa Powers McGill University Doctoral Candidate
Thomas Prechal BNP Paribas Structured Product Desk, Intern
Vanessa Robles Juez UBS Quantitative Risk Analyst
Claudia Roero n.a. n.a.
Thomas Siller n.a. n.a.
Tara Van Velzen n.a. n.a.
Erik Wallerstein HEG Geneva Research Fellow
Lilly Xiaoli Zuo Swiss Capital Group Hedge Fund Analyst


Graduation Year 2008

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Chris Bardgett UBS Quantitative Analyst
Lorenzo Brandi University of Zurich PhD Student
Matthias Büchler n.a. n.a.
Marius Costeniuc n.a. n.a.
Remo Crameri Swiss Finance Institute PhD Student
Curdin Dalbert ZKB n.a.
Simona Sanda Diaconu INVERA Sustainable Investment Analyst
Michele Doronzo UBS Quantitative Analyst
Keng Suan Goh n.a. n.a.
Elise Gourier Deloitte Consultant
José Eduardo Homem de Montes Quantica Capital n.a.
Nikita Kuksin Swiss Re Assistant Vice President, Risk Modeller at the Integrated Risk Modelling team
Isabelle Kuksin Fries n.a. n.a.
Natalie Larsén FactSet Consultant
Martin Larsson Cornell University PhD Student
Tamàs Mayer Ernst & Young n.a.
Kaveh Navaian Ghasemi ZKB Financial Engineering Trainee
Raffaele Pellicani ZKB Financial Engineer
Deborah Sill Deloitte Consultant
Kristoph Steikert University of Zurich PhD Student
Zsolt Szabó Julius Bär n.a.
Takehiko Yamaguchi The Institute of Statistical Mathematics Specially-appointed Research Associate


Graduation Year 2007

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Joachim Connault Murex Quantitative Analyst
Natalia Dolgova n.a. n.a.
Nicolas Gisiger J.P. Morgan Analyst in Structured Credit
Christer Göransson Risk Management Solutions Risk Analyst
Urs Hasler Deutsche Bank GME Structuring Switzerland
Régis Houssou University of Neuchâtel PhD in Mathematics
Paul Hughes Swiss Capital Group Analyst
Sebastian Ovidiu Matei Bank Vontobel Financial Engineer
Vasiliki Mavrou Swiss Capital Group Risk Analyst
Yacine Moulay Rchid Société Générale Fixed Income Quantitative Analyst in the Counterparty Risk Department
Gidione Oyebanji EOS Analyst
Miret Padovani University of Zurich PhD Student
Delia Elisabeta Pirnog Ajtay Man Investments Financial Engineer
Stefan Plesko Bank Vontobel Credit Risk Analyst
Anna Rhyner Solkina UBS Equity Derivatives Junior Trader
Daniel Seiler UBS Credit Risk Controlling


Graduation Year 2006

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Laurent Cavazzana UBS Model Validation
Mihnea Constantinescu University of Zurich PhD Student
Donato De Feo n.a. n.a.
Antonio Del Favero Credit Suisse Quantitative Risk Analyst
Gabriel Drimus UBS Structured Products Trader
Anna Georgieva Lehman Brothers n.a.
Eivind Helland ABB n.a.
Rheia Khalaf Ernst & Young n.a.
Stefan Kruchen ZKB Trainee
Annelis Lüscher Swiss Life Risk Manager
Vidmantas Pleta Swiss Re Quantitative Analyst
Kartik Reddy UBS n.a.
Robert Robert UBS n.a.
Blaise Roduit Swisscanto Junior Portfolio Manager
Kai Schnee Swiss Re n.a.
Robert Schöftner UBS Quantitative Risk Analyst
Karin Soosova Swiss Capital Group Client Solutions Associate
Georges Steinmann AIG Bank n.a.
Songtao Wang University of Zurich PhD Student


Graduation Year 2005

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Alexis Bailly Towers Perrin Senior Consultant
Saverio Massi Benedetti RMF Investment Quantitative Analyst
Patrick Bolliger Allianz Risk Controller
Giuliana Bordigoni Politecnica Milano PhD Student in Mathematics
Stefan Denzler Converium Research Associate
Beat Huggler MAN Investments Financial Engineer
Ousmane Kaba Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Investment Manager in the Department of Asset Management
Sujatha Prakash Bhagavatula Royal Bank of Scotland Project Manager in Risk IT
Maximilian Seifert ABN Amro Quantitative Analyst
Effi Shaked UBS Quantitative Analyst
Fabian Simond Watson Wyatt Junior Consultant
Maria Magdalena Soare Credit Suisse Quantitative Portfolio Manager
James Taylor Standard Bank Senior Quantitative Analyst
Markus Thöny ZKB Quantitative Analyst
Marco Tolotti Scuola Normale, Pisa PhD Student in Mathematics


Graduation Years 2003 - 2004

First Name Last Name Employer Position
Anca Antonov UBS Market Risk Controller
David Ardia University of Fribourg PhD Student, Department of Econometrics
Gorazd Brumen University of Zurich PhD Student
Adam Czub ABN AMRO Quantitative Analyst
Julien Dinh BNP Paribas Quantitative Researcher; Fixed Income Derivatives
Hansjörg Furrer Swiss Life Actuary
Quan Gan Julius Bär Quantitative Analyst
Andrea Girometti University of Padova, Italy PhD Student in Computational Mathematics
Cornelia Glavan UBS Market Risk Officer
Riccardo Gusso University of Venice, Italy PhD student in Mathematics for Economic Decisions
Enrique Marrufo Garçia Ministry of Treasury, Mexico Research Assistant
Boris Felice Papa Ernst & Young Senior Manager, Financial Services Risk Management
Lionel Gomez Sanchez Own company Manager
Henric Talborn Handelsbanken Analyst for Equity and Credit Research
Mingying Zhang Zurich Financial Services Investment and Financial Risk Associate