Examinations, Final Grade and Diploma


Course Examination

  • In principle, there will be examinations following each mandatory, specialized or optional course.
  • Each responsible faculty member can decide to attribute the final grade for his/her course based only on project assessments, on class participation as well as on graded interim homework.
  • The ECTS credit points will be given to those participants whose final grade indicates that they passed the course.

Repeating Examination

  • Every examination can be repeated once, while the number of total failures of exams is not allowed to exceed 6 (six).
  • If an enrolled student fails 7 (seven) exams then he/she will be excluded from the program.

Final Grade and Diploma

  • The final grade will be a weighted average (based on the corresponding ECTS credit points) of the grades obtained from the courses and from the Master's thesis.
  • The diploma will be a joint diploma awarded by the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.